United Kingdom

United Kingdom

For centuries the UK (and the British Empire) was the centre of the Western world, and while that pre-eminence may no longer be in place, this relatively tiny kingdom of 4 countries remains one of the most visitable destinations in the world – belying its size at only 2.5% the size of the US, the UK is still, annually, the world's 6th most visited country.

Despite a somewhat inhospitable climate, the UK is a year-round destination, offering myriad opportunities to explore the thousands of cultural, natural and sightseeing attractions that dot the country. And, while it’s small enough to explore as part of one big trip, tourists are equally likely to pay numerous visits to different parts of the country.

So, where to start? Well, London makes that pretty easy – it’s large enough and with enough going on that you can easily make this a trip in itself. Art galleries, history, the Royal family, gastronomic delights, sport and all manner of tours that showcase this incredible city spoil you for choice. Add in an incredibly lively nightlife and live event scene, and it’s easy to see why so many people come from all over the world to make London home.

Further afield, the choices are endless. The University towns of Cambridge are amazing experiences, then there’s the Lake District for walking, Stonehenge for mystery, the beauty of Bath and the classic chocolate box English landscape of the Cotswolds…and we still haven’t even left England! Crossing over Hadrian’s Wall to the north you enter Scotland for wicked accents, amazing landscapes and vistas to die for, and a capital in Edinburgh that offers up history, culture and festivals to keep you occupied for days.

And, wherever you go throughout the UK, you’re sure to stumble across stunning castles and cathedrals to just add more interest to the trip. Wash this all down with a British ale and a hearty pub meal and you’ll complete the quintessential British experience.

Image by Samot, Shutterstock