Possessing the ultimate in contrasts, Thailand serves up something for everyone, with a huge diversity of experiences on offer.

At the core of any trip to Thailand is the food, sumptuous curries, stir-fries and street food that is arguably without equal in the world. With that base in place, you’re fuelled up to explore the multitude of delights, from the deeply spiritual Buddhist culture & architecture that is the foundation of Thai society, to the collection of world heritage sites showcasing ancient Thailand, and right through to the hill-tribe areas of the north where wilderness and hiking opportunities abound.

All that is ignoring Thailand’s major drawcard – its islands & beaches being some of the most beautiful holiday locations in the world, and sometimes the only destination for many people who visit this fascinating country. You can 'flop 'n' drop in so many places on the Indian Ocean, from the resorts & nightlife of Phuket to the beaches and islands around Krabi...and then over on the other side of the peninsula there are just as many options again, with the wonderful Koh Samui and the full-moon parties of Ko Pha Ngan heading a long list.

So, whether it’s the craziness & nightlife of Bangkok, the culture of Chiang Mai, Thai history in the magnificent temple cities of Sukhothai and Ayuthaya, or the amazing array of beaches and islands dotted along both sides of the 700-kilometre long Malay Peninsula, you’re sure to find one of the many Thai holidays that suits your interests.

Image by Southtownboy Studio, Shutterstock