Nowhere like Japan so seamlessly embraces the splendour of its traditional culture and melds it with a spectacular vision of the future.

As a traveller, embracing all these elements enables you to understand and appreciate much more what you’re seeing and sensing. Whether it’s Japanese gardens and architecture, dance and art installations or even the ceremony of eating or bathing, they all complement each other and complete the whole experience.

Tokyo’s an amazing dynamic and historical metropolis with neighbourhoods from the future that contrast with the traditional architectural wonders of Kyoto, and then further afield things change again. The iconic Mt Fuji is ever-present in central Japan and is a constant reminder of the abundant natural landscapes that exist in this very compact yet highlight-rich country. Hiking, skiing and other adventures prevail through the alpine areas, and then there’s Hokkaido to the north – a (relatively speaking) untouched wilderness with its own vibrant capital in Sapporo.

Food is the ever-present staple, providing an awesome (and largely healthy) complement to any travelling experience.

Image by Moustache Girl, Shutterstock